The revolution is being televised

The revolution is being televised

It’s on eastern time and centralized

In camera rolls- immortalized

From street to jagged sidewalk

From the White House to trump tower

From preschools to Howard grads

Every Second, minute, hour

The revolution is being brought to us by

“their proud sponsors”

The revolution is being televised

The revolution is being musi-sized

Brought to us by beyonce bumping with bass and jubilation every time my girl with the aux blasts formation

The revolution is being spit and spat by the hip hoppers hoppin on the track to tell us “We gon Be alright”

The revolution is being televised

The revolution is being commercialized

How would you like your revolution served to you?

You want it with a side of fries?

You got it, cuz the revolution’s been supersized

Suddenly everybody’s woke

Suddenly everybody’s in the struggle

Suddenly, history’s being rewritten

slaves were immigrants, not forced servants

And no man’s struggle is greater than another’s

Hashtag “we shall overcome”

Hashtag “All lives matter”

The revolution is being televised

This revolution is on instant replay

Did you see what she just said

See what she just said

This revolution is on instant replay

The revolution has been smashed down into 6 second snippets because our attention spans can’t handle any more

This revolution has fan art

The revolution just facetimed me, it wanted to negotiate its company terms and conditions

wanted to know if there was room to squeeze in little supremacy in article 3, subsection C, part B

It wanted to know if some rights were more marketable than others

Which rights would make more people like it, which rights it could censor, which rights were spelled out in it’s contract to speak about

The revolution is confused

The revolution asked “what’s it’s motivation”

The revolution is asking who is it fighting for

Wait…which revolution is being televised exactly?

Cuz the one I see ain’t the one where Black Panthers pounced on injustice

It’s not the raw revolution which landed black boy and girl in jail

Revolution hosed down and drowned in the holy water of oppressed tears

Revolution sprinkled with the sin of yearning to breathe free

That revolution’s struggles are to be washed away with the new, crocodile tears of those who just wanna be in everything

Who can’t realize maybe revolution wasn’t made for the girl and boy who had everything, and need more

The revolution is being compromised

Because the revolution wasn’t made to be televised

Or.. not like this anyway

A revolution isn’t sensationalism
Revolutions aren’t what you see on preview screens
In walmart or sears
To sell tv;s


Is what happens when rooms of pissed of people

And use their words as pitchforks
Use their heartbeats as drums
Boom boomin on the mic
Through rap, song, spoken word

You put that up on the screen

And then I’ll tell my friends to tune in

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